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Every day the work done at Youth Services has been aimed to promote the emotional and mental health of all families in our community. The backbone of all we do relies on the promise of hope and equality. However, we realize that saying it is not simply enough, and despite all we do as a community, many of our clients are faced with the stark reality that the color of their skin does not allow for the same justice, opportunity, investment, or grace.

We are dedicated to being a safe space for all who look to Youth Services for support. That promise will never change. We are committed to being a place for our Black clients, colleagues, and community members to find a home where we will listen, act together, and lend our voice to our most vulnerable communities both close to home and from afar.

We share these resources and will continue to update with more pertinent information. Moving forward, we are working to ensure that we are sharing our anti-racist values for the families of color we serve. Our staff is having critical conversations internally about racial injustice, our role as community partners, and how we can more deeply engage with transformative approaches to conflict and harm.

We are also inspired by the young people who are pushing these efforts with dedication, focus, and enthusiasm. They are having profound, mature, helpful conversations and have looked to the agency as a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Their actions give us hope – and we are committed to honoring the opportunity to re-evaluate our role in this conversation. Please join us.