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Video Director/Producer – Tom Ordover

“Thank you for all you have done for me and my mom. I will always be grateful.”  – YSGN client receiving family therapy services

“Our YSGN Counselor and our daughter spend time together every week. She is gentle, caring and kind. She is a great listener and so good with kids. My daughter talks about her often. She turned a difficult family situation into a fun, weekly routine. We are so grateful to have her.” – Parent

“Youth Services has played an instrumental role in aiding my family through some very tough times. Their timely intervention was paramount to our success.”
– Client

“Youth Services has given our happy-go-lucky Avery back. Even when she has a bad day at school, she is able to shake it off and have fun once she gets home. This is thanks to the skills she has learned from her counselor.” – Parent