While engaging in Youth Services programming or events, or using our space, we ask that everyone (clients, families, staff, volunteers, event attendees, and board members) adhere to our community guidelines, which are aligned with our values of trust, safety, connection, and compassion. 

  • Practice respect for others. 
  • Practice consent – please don’t touch other people’s bodies or things without asking. 
  • You are expected to keep your body safe and do your best to help others keep their bodies safe. Please be aware of risk and, if asked to stop a behavior, please follow directions. 
  • Treat our materials and space with care. 
  • Check-in with staff when you arrive, and please be aware of directions, closed doors, and signage indicating spaces that may be off-limits.  
  • We practice nonpunitive responses to conflict and harmful behavior, and staff will attempt to de-escalate conflict to determine best next steps. When staff are present, they will determine if a call to emergency services is necessary. Please do not call the police to resolve a conflict except in cases of imminent risk of harm. 
  • We work together to uphold these values and community guidelines; if you have concerns, questions, or need support, please reach out to a staff member or supervisor.