The 3rd Annual Calendar Step Club challenge is almost upon us for May 2022!

To participate in this year’s challenge, click the REGISTER HERE button. This will take you to the event page on Eventbrite. Upon registration, you will receive further instructions on how to join the challenge on the MoveSpring app.

Participants are encouraged to donate to the fundraiser in support of Youth Services by clicking the DONATE HERE button, as well as share the fundraiser page with family and friends. If you are not inclined to participate in the challenge, then showing your support by donating to the challenge’s fundraiser would be greatly appreciated.

Calendar Step Club is an annual challenge in May where the goal is to complete the multiple of 1,000 steps that corresponds to the day of the month. (Ex: 5/1 = 1,000 steps, 5/15 = 15,000 steps, 5/31 = 31,000 steps). A successful challenger will complete at least 496,000 steps over the course of the entire month.

This year’s challenge is being held on MoveSpring, which is an easy-to-use fitness tracker app that connects to most activity tracking devices including Apple, Fitbit, Android, Google, and more. In addition to the Daily Step Goal challenge, there will also be friendly competition challenges including Individual & Team Leaderboards.

Participants are encouraged to attempt the challenge as an individual though it is possible to tackle it as a team by partnering up with someone else and splitting he steps between the two of you so that the combined total meets each daily goal.

Youth Services is the place to turn to for mental health services for children and adolescents in Chicago’s northern suburbs. With a unique, highly engaging blend of activity-based programming, Youth Services offers group and individual services focused on early intervention, prevention, education, support, sexual and gender identity support, health education, and crisis response. The agency works to ensure that every child grows up happy, healthy, and hopeful. The vision is to be the center of collaborative social-emotional support for children and youth. Most important, Youth Services is proud to have the most generous sliding scale program in the area, with many programs offered free-of-charge. No family is ever turned away based on ability to pay.